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Rolling Credits

There is a newer version of this product:   Rolling Credits II
Buy this version only if you are using an older version of FCPX (older than 10.3.4)

If you’re Mac has less that 1 GB of vRAM, do not buy this product!!

Update (4-18-2019): an alignment issue with the drop zone requires resetting the DZ Media Pos > X parameter to 65.4 if an image is used. (Things change… :P). This generator will not be updated in Motion to preserve its ability to be opened in FCPX 10.2.2 +.

Rolling Credits allows you to build credit rolls containing embedded images or video that scroll with the credits. The drop zone can be aligned with the text using text formatting tools (tabs, alignment, etc.) Drop zones can handle any aspect ratio media. Animation does not require keyframing.

In the demo video below, there is a light saber clip added with a transparent background. How this was accomplished: A generator for the light saber was used, then added to a compound clip which was added to the drop zone (you cannot directly add a generator as a drop zone source). Use this technique for Motion project/models.

This effect was built as a generator due to a fact that titles will not support video in drop zones applied as “textures” to 3D Text.

This generator requires the installation of the Model Parts One.ttf font (provided).


Installation Instructions.

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