Display clip information simply in the storyline.



Easy to use. Select all your clips in the storyline and double click on Project Labels. Every clip will automatically show the clip’s name and the project title – no typing necessary! The only other option is to show just the clip’s name. There is a width parameter to adjust the background for the clip and project data.

Clip names can be changed in the media browser or in the the Info Inspector (Name parameter).

Before you render out a final version is select all the clips again and turn off the Effect (the check mark next to the Project Labels effect name).

Of course, you can always add the effect to individual clips.

One last trick: click and drag on the Clip text to adjust the position of the information bug in the clip (BTW – the Clip Only option and the default option are two separate instances and dragging one will not drag the other, so select the option you require before making position changes).

This is an effect. It can be applied to media clips (images/video), Titles and Generators.

Complete installation instructions can be found here: https://fcpxtemplates.com/install4fcpx/latest.htm

Special thanks goes out to Yuri Reznichenko for discovering (and publishing) the “environmental variables” that make this effect possible.