Media Wall


Compatible with FCPX 10.1.4 +


Media Wall

A Title effect for FCPX

This is a simple and beautiful effect.

Very easy to use: just put it over any section of the storyline you want in the video wall and drag out the ends to fit any length. Animate the storyline clip’s transforms to animate the video in the Media Wall. Parameter controls to “fold” the video wall. Set Trim Monitors to about 2-2.5 to even out the divisions if folding sections. Click and drag the Wall Blur beyond 100 to really smooth out the back lighting.

For camera alignments, the horizontal centers of the monitor panes are: -768, -384, 0, 384, 768; vertical centers: -432, -216, 0, 216, 432.

Media Wall by Sight-Creations

Video embedding powered by Webilop