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Requires Highlighter 2 set of effects, FCPX 10.4.6 or higher.

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Highlighter – Logo Slide Effects Preset

For use with Highlighter Effect. Install Logo Slide effects preset (after installing Highlighter) and add it to a Basic Title. Type your text and position the text in the center of the Viewer (there are guides that will appear and you will be able to accurately position the center of the text in the center of the viewer.)

Adding an Effects Preset will add all the effects used, in order, with animations!

This preset uses: Highlighter 2 and Highlighter Transforms.

Click the Video tab at the left for a preview of the effect.


Text is always the lowest layer in the effects order.

The first effect added is Highlighter Transforms. It is used to offset the position of the text from center screen. The Position.X parameter is keyframed to animate the text from left to right. There is a Shape Mask (Effect Mask) used to limit where the text appears on screen. It is set up so that the text appears on the “gold” accent only.

There are two consecutive Highlighter 2 effects. The first creates the “gold” accent and sets its blend mode to Behind. This will make it appear behind the Text even though it is the lowest layer. The second Highlighter 2 effect creates the blue rounded rectangle design.

The “holes” cut into the design are affected by three Shape Masks (Effect Mask – not the actual Shape Mask effect) formed to cut out three smaller rectangles. A fourth Shape Mask was used to “clean” the horizontal lines and evenly align them (a technique to make the work of evening up the lines much easier than trying to align the OnScreen Controls for the mask shapes…) Its blend mode is set to Normal so that the design will cover the Basic Title text object.

The final effect added is another Highlighter Transforms effect. The Shear.X is set to 30º to create the slant effect. If you don’t want the slant effect, simply uncheck this effect in the effects list.

Have fun! Create your own design variations!

More Info about Effects Presets

Effects Presets are not like most other Mac … “things” — they are hard-coded to find the Effects they use from specific Categories. If those effects are moved from those locations, effects presets fail! In order to use our Highlighter Effects Presets in Final Cut Pro, you must either install the Highlighter effects in a Category named: FCPXTemplates (case sensitive) or use the following method to change its dependence on the Highlighter installation location to the category that you chose to install them into:

  • Open the Highlighter – _____.effectsPreset file in TextWrangler or BBEdit (TextEdit is not suitable)
  • Type Command-F to open the Find/Replace dialog
  • In Find, type FCPXTemplates
  • In Replace, type the name of the category you placed the Highlighter effects in (case sensitive)
  • Click the Replace All button
  • Save

TextWrangler has been abandoned, although it still works if you have it. BBEdit is available as a Free Download from BareBones.com (or the App Store) and you can use it for free forever as long as  you don’t sign up for the in-app purchases. It’s good to have around.

Installing Effects Presets:

The path to install an Effects Preset is the same for *all* presets:

YourSystemDrive / Users / yourHomeFolder / Library / Application Support / ProApps / Effects Presets / <Here> — no categories to mess with 😉



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Logo Slide

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