This product has been superceded by Grid (Effect). Updated product is now an Effect!




A Title: Designed to be a low profile addition to your workflow

Work fast. Work smart.

Flexi-grid was designed to assist you in placing objects over your video such as Titles and “insets” (PiPs) with an easy to use “low-profile” customizable addition to the storyline. Flexi-grid features adjustable guidelines, easy placement, fast response.

Horizontal and Vertical guides can range from 0 to 20 per quadrant! (not counting the center guides and the outline) independently of each other. At 0 / 0, you have quadrant regions which can be placed over any part of your video easily with an OnScreen Control which can be used to center the grid over a “target” alignment. At 20 / 20, you have plenty of guidelines to work with.

The dimensions of the grid are also adaptable from 0 by 0 to and size you need (larger than your project) so you can refine guideline placements to exactly where you need them relative to items you may have already started placing. You can even animate this “title” for effect!

Color and opacity controls for the guidelines provided, including accented guidelines through the center.

You could even use this for “spreadsheet data” lines. Suggestion: neatly place all the text objects aligned to left and bottom edges, then move the entire grid to create cell-spacing!

The default setup is for the boundaries to align with modern HD Title safe zones (same as the old “action safe” — modern HD television doen’t use overscan any longer!) Center guides are blue and guidelines are cyan with 50% opacity for overlaying on video.

Use this title above or below the items you’re aligning. This is a great tool to use if you use the on-screen Transform controls for making quick visual alignments.


A very short demo: