Highlighter – Fan Out


This is an Effects Preset that requires Highlighter 2 set of effects, FCPX 10.4.6 or higher.

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Highlighter - Fan Out

Provided as a tutorial in the use of Highlighter Effects.

The Highlighter – Fan Out effects preset demonstrates the use of multiple Highlighter Transforms effects. Each of the six graphic layers added is transformed by an 18º angle by a Transforms effect and all the layers, including the Transforms effects are Rotated in the opposite direction by a final Transforms effect by a total of -90º.

This effect was accomplished by creating the first Rounded Rectangle and setting its blend Mode to Behind so that it appears behind the text and *solidly* blocks out layers added afterwards. After the dimensions of the Rectangle were settled upon, the Basic Title was selected in the storyline and Copied. That’s how I did it. This is how you should do it:

Add a Highlighter Transforms effect and set the Anchor Position to the middle of one end of the Rounded Rectangle and set the Rotation (Z) to 18º… THEN copy the Effects.

Now: Paste Effects (⌘⌥V) five more times with the Highlighter 2 and Highlighter Transforms effects selected for pasting.

Add one more Transforms and copy/paste the Anchor Point values from one of the others. Set the Rotation to -90º. Then go back through the list and change the colors as you like.

Set keyframes for each Rotation for all the effects near the beginning and end,  then set the playhead at the beginning and set all the Rotation to 0º, then move the playhead to the end and set all rotations to 0º.


More Info about Effects Presets

Effects Presets are not like most other Mac … “things” — they are hard-coded to find the Effects they use from specific Categories. If those effects are moved from those locations, effects presets fail! In order to use our Highlighter Effects Presets in Final Cut Pro, you must either install the Highlighter effects in a Category named: FCPXTemplates (case sensitive) or use the following method to change its dependence on the Highlighter installation location to the category that you chose to install them into:

  • Open the Highlighter – _____.effectsPreset file in TextWrangler or BBEdit (TextEdit is not suitable)
  • Type Command-F to open the Find/Replace dialog
  • In Find, type FCPXTemplates
  • In Replace, type the name of the category you placed the Highlighter effects in (case sensitive)
  • Click the Replace All button
  • Save

TextWrangler has been abandoned, although it still works if you have it. BBEdit is available as a Free Download from BareBones.com (or the App Store) and you can use it for free forever as long as  you don’t sign up for the in-app purchases. It’s good to have around.

Installing Effects Presets:

The path to install an Effects Preset is the same for *all* presets:

YourSystemDrive/Users/yourHomeFolder/Library/Application Support/ProApps/Effects Presets/

— no categories to mess with 😉

Highlighter User Guide: Highlighter 2 Effects bundle for FCPX

A Graphics Engine for FCPX


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