Guitar Collection For Sale

Guitar Collection for Sale

These guitars are being sold from my “sister” site: Sassy’s Cottage. Click any of the banners below to go to their pages.


Vox Mark XII "Teardrop" 12-String with Bigsby (ca. 1965)

Guitar made popular by Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. This is an Italian made Mark XII and has been a perennial favorite collector's item.


Larrivée OMV-03Re w/ L.R. Baggs Stagepro Element

This guitar was bought to be aged gracefully spending 9 years in its original case. Label shows OMV-03R. The stagepro element was added at a guitar show (adding the 'e'). Built in Canada, not CA as are the new ones. Sitka top. Rosewood back and sides. Mahogany neck.


Reverend Warhawk II 390 (2008)

This guitar is now vintage by virtue of the new ones are not made the same. 3 P-90 pickups, 5-position switch, Bass Contour control and Les Paul style bridge. Great sustain and playability. Reverse Headstock.


This guitar has been sold!

This guitar belonged to Jeff Pollard when he was a member of Louisiana's LeRoux. Floyd Rose hand built and installed the bridge in the late 70's. Jeff Odom of LeRoux bought it and in a sense, it's going back home where it belongs.

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