Fly-Through Text


Fly-Through Text Effects Preset is intended for use as a tutorial illustration for the use of Highlighter effects. This is not a standalone product!

Requires Highlighter 2 effects installed!

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Fly-Through — Effects Preset

For use with Highlighter Effects

Install this effect preset (after installing Highlighter) and add it to any video clip!

Fly-Through uses only two effects from Highlighter: Highlighter and Highlighter – Text.  Highlighter – Text will convert your video clip into a Title-like effect. All you have to do is add it to a video clip, optionally change* the starting Color of Highlighter, change the Text in Highlighter – Text, then, if necessary, make an adjustment to the position of the text as it flies toward the screen.

Making adjustments

Note: Before applying Fly-Through, it is best that you *trim* the clip at about 7-10 seconds. Due to the way FCPX handles these effects presets, the timing seems dependent on the length of the clip — the longer the clip, the slower the animation. Once you apply the effect preset to a 7 second clip, you can stretch it back out again to as long as you need and the animation speed will remain the same. Weird, but awesome.

Change the text

To change the text, you must change it in the Highlighter – Text Inspector. You will not be able to edit the text in the Viewer (it’s designed that way). Whenever you change the text to some other word or phrase, you will most likely need to change the animated change in Center > X as the text flies through. The default text is “Fly-Through”. Select this text and change it to the word or phrase you want. The keyframe in this effect that you will want to alter when you change the text is Center > X. Dial down the parameter’s disclosure triangle to access it (it’s easier this way!) Move the playhead to a position to earlier than the text completely passing through the screen, then click the right arrow on the Center > X keyframe. The text will now be very close to passing through and what you will want to do is adjust the Center > X position so that transparent part of the text is more or less centered in the Viewer. When the text has completed its fly-through, it should completely disappear. If you were not successful, there will be black regions remaining. The best parts to center on are vertical stems although the left or right side of curves will be suitable (depends on the word). You want to pick an area that’s as close to the center of the text as you can manage — that makes for a very nice straight fly-through effect.

Change the color

To change the starting color, or the transition color, move the playhead to the keyframe positions and make the color change. If you make a color change not on a keyframed position, the original color will remain in effect, then change to the newly added color. You are free to make that creative decision, but typically it will not be what you want. In the image to the right, the parameter that you will be dealing with is the Fill Color. The yellow-orange diamond indicates a set keyframe (and the playhead is on the frame in the storyline). Notice the small right arrow indicator. This means there is another keyframe “in the future”. Clicking on the arrow will automatically move the playhead to the next keyframe position. When the playhead is ahead of a keyframe, a left arrow indicator will appear. Use these arrows to navigate to the keyframed color you wish to change. Once you are “on a keyframe”, you may change the color to whatever you want.

highlighter-text settings for fly-through
Highlighter parameters for fly-through

More Info about Effects Presets

Effects Presets are not like most other Mac … “things” — they are hard-coded to find the Effects they use from specific Categories. If those effects are moved from those locations, effects presets fail! In order to use our Highlighter Effects Presets in Final Cut Pro, you must either install the Highlighter effects in a Category named: FCPXTemplates (case sensitive) or use the following method to change its dependence on the Highlighter installation location to the category that you chose to install them into:

  • Open the Highlighter – _____.effectsPreset file in TextWrangler or BBEdit (TextEdit is not suitable)
  • Type Command-F to open the Find/Replace dialog
  • In Find, type FCPXTemplates
  • In Replace, type the name of the category you placed the Highlighter effects in (case sensitive)
  • Click the Replace All button
  • Save

TextWrangler has been abandoned, although it still works if you have it. BBEdit is available as a Free Download from (or the App Store) and you can use it for free forever as long as  you don’t sign up for the in-app purchases. It’s good to have around.

Installing Effects Presets

The path to install an Effects Preset is the same for *all* presets:

YourSystemDrive / Users / yourHomeFolder / Library / Application Support / ProApps / Effects Presets /

— no categories to mess with!

It is recommended that if you wish to use these effects presets, install Highlighter 2 into an Effects category named “FCPXTemplates”. Otherwise, follow the instructions in this guide:

Effects Presets - Already designed effects created by Sight-Creations

Using Effects Presets


Installation Instructions.

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